Open Fitness Classes

An array of classes offered throughout each quarter. Open Classes are pay-as-you go open to the public without a 5-week commitment. Free to Silver Members; Gold Members get free Open classes as well as Free Enrollment classes.  We welcome walk-ins, but would prefer if you register online in advance to guarantee a slot in class. Also, frequent our Facebook page for emergency cancellations & delays to avoid disappointments. Please visit our current schedule to find out which Open classes are being offered this quarter. $10 for Pole Classes; $5 non-pole classes. Click here to sign up now. 


An array of workshops offered throughout the year. Our workshops are designed for in-depth, on demand classes and we also bring in outside help to accomplish these studies depending on the specialties offered. Workshop times range from  1.5 to 3 hours. In-house workshops are 50% off to Gold Members and 20% off to Silver Members. Open to the public. Prices may vary.  Click here to sign up for our workshops. 


 pole fitness

Our Pole Enrollment classes are a 5 week low student- to-instructor ratio so that you can learn at your own pace without sharing a pole. In each class you will learn new tricks, spins and transitional work; all of which will be incorporated into a fun routine that will tie together everything that you have learned in each class. Pole fitness is so much fun, you’ll forget that you are working out and find that you are using muscles you never knew you had! From the very first spin, get ready for your NEW ADDICTION!! No matter what your level of fitness, shape or background…you will see that pole fitness is just right for you! Price; $89  Free to Gold Members; Silver Members get 50% off. Click here to sign up now.

Offered as Pay as you go,  5-week Enrollments & Workshops! This amazing class is a fusion of several fitness modules including Dance, Pilates, Gymnastics, Calisthenics, and Yoga. The technique offers a full body workout with levitating meditations and zero compression inversions realigning the body’s posture from the compression of gravity using a hammock. You will find yourself three feet off the ground in beautifully postured yoga poses. The hammock acts as a safe trapeze and it is utilized to change one’s dynamic relationship to the ground, allowing the participant to better understand their body and its relationship to the universe through physics. You will gain flexibility, muscular tone and improved cardiovascular health as you increase joint mobility while decompressing the vertebrae of the spine. In addition to receiving a full body workout, this class emphasizes having fun while improving your overall body strength. Click any button below to see available class & session times.

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Belly Dance Pole Vixens

Offered as Pay as you go,  Enrollments & Workshops. Belly dance is one of the oldest social dances in world history, originating in North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East; Belly dancing is both a beautiful form of dance and a great way to exercise. It’ll help you stay in shape and allow you to express your personal creativity. Although it may seem that only the abdominal area is moving, belly dancing involves several other parts of the body as well. Mistress Deniz teach her students how to isolate major muscle groups and work them in isolation or in opposition to other parts of the body. Prices: Pay as you go $20; Enrollments $75; Workshops $40. Click any button below to see available class & session times. 

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online pole classes

iPole is an Online-based study program with a curriculum of Workshops; Warm ups; Classic; Spins; Sexy; Inversion Body…Flows & Fillers taught to you from the comfort of your own home using your Laptop, iPad or any other smart device. Need a pole? Pole Vixens sells PROFESSIONAL grade dance & fitness poles to suite your pole needs. Click here to purchase.